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WalkAmerica 2007

Posted on: February 26, 2007

We just received a thank you plaque from the March of Dimes for our participation in last year’s walk.

MoD Thank You

You’re not seeing things – it does have a picture of a micropreemie ‘rooing with Mom. Matthew and I think it’s pretty creepy, actually. Shoshanna calls it her “picture” and she rather likes it.

That said, we are participating in WalkAmerica again this year. Last year we raised $400; this year our goal is $500 (and our friend Ilene is coming out to Buffalo to walk with us!). I know that many, many of the folks reading this are also preemie parents and you’ll be hearing lots of pleas for money from those of us who are walking. If you want to walk yourselves, you can sign up here, or you can donate to our team. Or, hey, if you want to come to Buffalo the weekend of April 29th, we have 2 unclaimed beds if anybody wants to join our team!

1 Response to "WalkAmerica 2007"

The plaque we got last year was significantly less creepy–just the pink and blue footprints that graced last year’s family team t-shirts. Kind of makes you want to move back, doesn’t it? 🙂

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