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Swimming Lessons: Vastly Improved

Posted on: February 4, 2007

After last week’s swimming class debacle, I got in the water with Shoshanna during her lesson today, and it went much better.  She WANTED to be allowed to velcro herself to my chest, but I told her that in big girl swimming lessons I’d stay in the water to help her, but she couldn’t go “uppy”.  She objected a little bit at first, but got used to the New Swimming Order pretty quickly and was happy enough with the situation to go off of the diving board (three times).  Heck, she was happy enough to consent to swimming with a pool noodle – and she LOATHES noodles.  (It had to be an orange one, though.  Her favorite color right now is orange.  We are not allowed to use the orange legos.  “No!  Mines!  Mines orange legos!”)

Of course, then it took us something like FORTY FIVE MINUTES from the time we got out of the water to actually manage to walk out of the locker room, because after we’d rinsed off and sat in the sauna for a couple of minutes, she had to

  • tell every person in the locker room that she went off of the diving board
  • see how big she was (stepping on the scale) approximately six dozen times (the answer: 27.5 pounds in a clean pull-up and a t-shirt)
  • dry both of our swimsuits (she “helps” by sitting on the lid of the suit-spinner)
  • sit on the potty (twice)
  • dry her hair
  • dry my hair
  • eat animal crackers
  • drink water
  • say “hi” to every person in the locker room
  • ask me to let her hide in the lockers

As we say in our household, somebody was on “shuffle”.


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