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Bronchiolitis Update

Posted on: January 18, 2007

Shoshanna got an extra hour at home with Mama today before we went back to the ped’s so that they could have a listen to her chest and a look in her ears. We spent the time drinking coffee (real for me, Cafix with some cocoa and splenda for Shoshanna) and playing with the Bob the Builder Legos that finally arrived last night (after Target failed to ship them and then told Grammy they were backordered and generally messed things up).

One must read the directions New Legos!

Anyway, Dr. Lana said that the wheeze that Dr. M heard on Monday is totally gone (hooray!) and that the ears are looking much better (hooray!) and that he wants to see her again in a month to make sure the fluid is gone. I commented that by then she’ll have another new cold, so how will we know if it’s old or new fluid? He also commented, apropos pretty much nothing, that nobody would ever guess that she was a 25-weeker. I think it’s a testimonial to how lucky we are that we actually hadn’t had anyone say that to us in quite a long time…

I leave you with a shot that I call “Beauty” (project 365 day 14).

14/365: Beauty


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