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Happy Second Second Birthday!

Posted on: January 5, 2007

Day 1/365:  Happy Second-Second Birthday!

Today is the second anniversary of Shoshanna’s due date. While we don’t adjust her age anymore, I still wanted to acknowledge it this year… we’ll see how I feel about things when her second third birthday rolls around.

I obviously haven’t gotten around to doing a “good” holiday post yet, so I’ll get some of the highlights down before I forget… We were in NYC for Christmas and Williamsburg, VA for New Year’s.

Shoshanna loved the windows decorations at Saks 5th Avenue. She also loved opening presents – didn’t care if they were hers or not. She also developed a habit of declaring “a bike!” as she opened each one. We went to a couple of playgrounds in Central Park and she was insanely excited about pushing elevator buttons at Great-Aunt Martha’s house. “I go in da abator! I push-a da button in da abator!” And she simply adores her (my) cousin Dylan and thinks that Jesse and Auntie Em are pretty fun, too.

The drive from DC to Williamsburg took way longer than we expected it to – something like 5.5 hours as opposed to 3; Shoshanna proved to us that she’s quite the little actress… she pulled a very dramatic “I tired… I seepy… I binky!” and we fell for it once and refused to afterwards, so the last hour of the drive was punctuated by a very persistent “I binky! I binky! I binky!” that eventually degenerated into downright howling that even the Wiggles couldn’t assuage. Shoshanna’s obviously not old enough to appreciate the history of the area but she loved playing outside. She was very interested in a fellow who was cooking some in a skillet over the fire at Colonial Willimsburg, and super-excited by the fifes and drums, enthusiastically marching along. She loved the ships at Jamestown, and has declared chocolate muffins to be “happy cake” (love that wisdom). My birthday was during the New Year’s vacation and as soon as folks finished singing to me she started telling me all about her friend Aiden’s birthday (and I confirmed with daycare that they did, indeed, celebrate his first birthday the week before Christmas).

I’m sure that there are other things I should make note of, but I can’t think of them at the moment.


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Her eyes are gorgeous…Look at those eyelashes, Kellars are long too…

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