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Plus ça change…

Posted on: December 20, 2006

Unlike many preemie parents, and most micro-preemie parents, we have the luxury of not dealing with the consequences of Shoshanna’s early arrival on a daily basis. We go about our daily life in the ways that families with healthy full-term kids do – we don’t have to worry about daily meds, or oral aversions and feeding tubes, or breathing treatments, or even monthly early intervention appointments.

But sometimes we’re reminded of how far Shoshanna’s come, and how much better-informed we are about the perils of things like the relatively innocent cold. See, Shoshanna’s got a doozy of a cold right now (following hot on the heels of a tummy bug that she had on Friday) – coughing, nose running faster than we can keep up with, a touch of a wheeze, and general miserableness. Last night she came home from daycare and all she wanted was for someone to hold her. She ate about three bites of her dinner and then declared herself to be “all done.” We gave her some cold medicine and tossed her in a warm bath, where she didn’t even want to play – just for me to wash her and then to get out and shiver in the three towels I got out to wrap her up in. We poured her into pajamas, went upstairs to take her temp (she didn’t have a fever), give her some mucinex on top of the decongestant and cough suppressant she already had in her system, and read a book. I held her in the rocking chair until she fell asleep and I think that one or the other of us checked on her about every 20 minutes until we went to bed. We were totally prepared to call the ped’s answering service if she seemed to really be having trouble breathing, and I was expecting to keep her home today and to take a trip to the doc’s just to have them listen to her lungs.

She was feeling much more energetic this morning (declaring herself to be “awake!” starting at about 5:30 and conning Daddy into getting up with her at 6) though her nose is still runny & she’s still coughing. But the first thing she said to me this morning (after “Hi, Mama!”) was “Cai! Maree!” (her friends at daycare) so off she went.


5 Responses to "Plus ça change…"

Thats why kids in daycare are always sick! Keep her home!!!

Who’s the parent here? If you’re child is sick and snot is running down her nose, she should be kept HOME! Duh!!

Glad to hear she’s feeling better!

Its never easy when the baby has a cold is it. But hey, as long as there isn’t a fever and she seems up to going out, whats a little runny nose? We can’t and shouldn’t live in a bubble. How else will kids build up their immune systems if they don’t get exposed to things ‘eh!

If she was still in that itty-bitty baby stage you might be reluctant to send her out, but she’s a big girl now, and I’m sure she tells you this too 😉

If children with colds didn’t go out they would never go out – we would have no children for months in our groups. Vomiting, fever, ect – that should stay home. Glad to know she is feeling better and your allowing her to be just a kido.

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