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Another return home…

Posted on: November 27, 2006

We got home from Thanksgiving and Grandma and Opa’s house last night around midnight… as always, Shoshanna traveled well and was a love to everyoen we saw. I’m not even going to delude myself into thinking that I’m going to do more than post a list of one-sentence anecdotes, so here they go…

  • Shoshanna saw Grandma opening a cookbook to read a recipe and declared “Grandma glasses!” and scurried to pick up the only pair she could find (Opa’s sunglasses) and bring them to Grandma (who does, in fact, wear reading glasses).
  • Some very entertaining skid marks on Shoshanna’s forehead after she took a tumble in Radio Shack. That happened on Friday and they’re already gone, though she does still have a bit of road rash on her nose.
  • Family portraits with the whole Hertz clan on Wednesday evening. This photographer was GOOD. We got great shots of the whole family, Shoshanna with Grandma and Opa, and Shoshanna with Mama, Daddy, Uncle Josh and Aunt Jacy. (Later, maybe if I get time, a more detailed post about the adorable squrimy two pounds of beagle puppy who was at the photo studio. Picking her up made me remember exactly how tiny two pounds is.)
  • Shoshanna learns things REALLY FAST. We arrived on Wednesday; by Saturday she would declare “Home!” when the car turned onto Grandma and Opa’s street. Similarly, Wednesday night her crib was in Opa’s study, but after that we moved it into Uncle Josh’s room. She would go looking for her bed in the study before declaring “Josh room!” and running in there to make sure it hadn’t moved again.
  • One look at Grandmas Chocolate Mousse was all it took for Shoshanna to declare “Ice Cream!” and to insist that she needed some. She ended up with a lovely chocolate mousse goatee – it was hilarious.

That’s all I can think of for the moment!


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