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Little Miss SmartyPants

Posted on: November 13, 2006

I say that because one of Shoshanna’s favorite things to do right now is to kneel on a chair and chant “sit down… sit down…” in a semi-mocking tone that perfectly mimics the tone in which we admonish her to “Sit Down!” whenever she stands on a chair.
In other news, the trip to Tucson went about as smoothly as you can want travel to go these days. We were slightly delayed (under 2 hours) in each direction, but even with our superclose connection on the way out there (45 minutes is about the least time I want between planes when I’m flying alone, to say nothing of with a 2-year-old) we had no major problems. Travel with Shoshanna has gotten a million times easier even since July. She will now follow spoken directions quite well, which made boarding planes possible when my hands were full of our stuff (backpack, diaper bag, purse, carseat). “Shoshanna, walk forwards! Ok, now stop and go into that seat. Climb up! Good job!” And the “Elmo Book” (Sesame Street coloring book) was an ENORMOUS HIT. All she wanted to do on the planes was draw in her Elmo Book. When I was working on a Sudoku, she insisted that I give her a page with “nummers” on it (so all of the connect-the-dots pages are well-scribbled-upon).

Shoshanna was thrilled to see Grammy and Grandpa, Auntie Em, Tia and Papi, and all the other notfamily at the wedding. She loooooves Tia and Papi (as well she should – because if grandparents spoil you, what do supplemental ones do?). She also loved her baby notcousin Natalia (who is 10 months old). There was one point when they were very cutely holding hands and staring at each other.

Em shoes! Let's Go!

I now have first-hand evidence for the existence of karma. See, when I was two, my Uncle Brad (my mom’s step-brother) married my Aunt Kathy. They had a full mass at their wedding, and Mom spent the whole time outside the church with me running around because I wasn’t about to sit still for the whole thing. Fast-forward about 28 years, change the locale from Southern California to southern Arizona, and find me spending all of Montse and Cami’s wedding outside the church with Shoshanna, watching her play with her matchbox cars and in the rocks. She actually crashed after the ceremony was over and slept until we had to wake her up to go to the reception. And at the reception, I learned that my child has a passion for Latin music. She wanted to dance and dance and dance. It was really cute until my arm started to feel like it was going to fall off, because what fun is dancing when you can only see people’s knees? It’s much more fun when a grownup is holding you. But you’re tired, and so you’re not willing to go to anybody but Mama. (Grammy MIGHT be an acceptable second option, but nobody else, not even Grampa.) Yeah, my arm is actually still sore.

As usual on this sort of trip, Shoshanna didn’t sleep nearly enough. We had to get her up at 5 on Friday to go to the airport – I’d estimate that she napped for maybe an hour, an hour and a half max on the plane, and then didn’t sleep again until she passed out on my shoulder at the rehearsal dinner.  She woke herself (and Emily and me) up at about 5 on Saturday morning when she started making funny happy noises in her sleep which culminated in her saying “Hi, Mama!” in her sleep and waking herself up.  After that, the two of us drifted in and out of sleep until she woke up for good at about 6:20.  Then she didn’t nap until after the wedding (she crashed around 3:00) and then slept until we got her up to go to the reception at 5:20.  And didn’t go back to sleep until about 10:00, and woke up at 6:30 on Sunday morning.  Despite this disruption and loss of sleep, she was almost maniacally happy both yesterday and today (except for the half-hour tantrum she threw when I first put her down for her nap this afternoon).

Shoshanna also apparently thinks that Sean Astin looks like Matthew. On the flight from Atlanta to Tucson, they showed Rudy, and every time she noticed Sean Astin on the screen, she’d point and declare, “Daddy!” I was befuddled by this, but what do I know.

Hrm… what else… Shoshanna got oodles of compliments, and not just from family and friends who are of course biased in her favor. Among other things, I was told that she had a very sweet disposition (and that on the trip home, when we were delayed stuck waiting in the A terminal at Dulles with the stupid door alarms going off every 2 seconds), that she was “very verbal” when she declared “All done plane!” when we landed back at home, and that she was very smart (by the guy who sat next to us on the Tucson->Dulles leg on the trip home).


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Add to that the people who commented on her “beautiful eyes” outside the hotel on Sunday morning

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