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Halloween #3

Posted on: November 1, 2006

It wouldn’t even have occurred to me that this was Shoshanna’s THIRD Halloween if Eric hadn’t pointed out that it was also Odin‘s third Halloween. And so, let’s have a three-Halloween retrospective…

Halloween 2004: Pickles models Shoshanna’s hat.

Halloween 2005: Shoshanna as a flying monkey!

Booboo Contemplates a Pumpkin Booboo takes care of Baby. Booboo

Halloween 2006: Shoshanna as Booboo. (These are, of course, thumbnails.)

Shoshanna wasn’t real sure about Halloween, actually. She LOVES her costume, although apparently she refused to keep on the hat during the party at daycare. She was a bit skeptical about trick-or-treating – we all went out at about six, but most of the neighbors weren’t ready to receive guests yet. We went home for about 15 minutes and then Matthew tried to take her out, but she cried for me the minute he hit the end of the driveway. She was willing to go out with me, but she asked for Daddy every two seconds. We just went up and down the block, met a handful of new neighbors and saw some others we already knew. We also got to see the new baby on the block, a 30-weeker who is now a GORGEOUS six-month-old girl.

The part that she really hated was all the kids coming to the door – every time the doorbell would ring, she’d come running to me or Matthew to be snuggled.

Booboo is Scared

So we turned off the porch lights and put her to bed around 7, and turned things back on once she was asleep and were out of candy by 7:20.


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Following your example (unwittingly) I went to 3 houses then quit! (now trying to post scary pix on Flickr) e

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