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Language Girl

Posted on: October 23, 2006

Yesterday, Shoshanna was not talking almost exclusively in three-word sentences.

Today, she is. It’s like a switch flipped in her head or something.

“Mama, my jacket off!”

“Mama, my sneakers on!” (It took us a LONG time to figure out what on earth she was saying – “sneakers”! Of course!)

“Daddy jacket off?”

She’s picking up words that she’s only heard once or twice and using them appropriately. The other day she informed me that she had boogers in her nose; today at the library she pointed out a girl who was taking off her gloves. (“Gloves” being a new word.)

She also declared, “I peepee!” in the middle of toddler gym class, and headed out the door of the gym, so I took her to the bathroom. She hadn’t, in fact, wet her diaper, but we’re taking it as a positive sign – we aren’t actively potty training, but we may be soon!


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