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Where did THAT come from?

Posted on: October 10, 2006

Most of the things that Shoshanna says make sense to me.  OK, maybe it’s a little weird that my two-year-old’s vocabulary includes “bra” and “armpit” and “naked”, but she watches me get dressed in the morning (“bra”), gets her diaper changed in the bathroom while Daddy is shaving/brushing teeth/putting on deodorant (“armpit”), and does a funny little dance when she gets her clothes taken off, which we call the “naked dance” (which now includes her saying “I naked!  I naked!”).

But then she’ll show me a level of linguistic and intellectual sophistication that just takes me by surprise.  A couple of weeks ago, she handed me one of her cups and said “Empty!”  She points out to me that it’s dark outside.  She knows lots of words that I assume she learns at daycare (“strawberry” and of course the names of all of her friends, which she runs around the house muttering to herself over the weekend).  We’ve reached an amazing level of imaginative play on a daily basis.  And then, yesterday we were getting ready to go to the playground and she said “Baby come!”  So of course her baby came ot the playground with us – and even went on the baby swing.  But when on earth did she start to understand that, and be able to request that sort of thing?  Oh, and the other very cute thing:  she now says “thank you” when she gives you something.  Last night when I was making dinner she came running into the kitchen with a barette in her hand and said, “Mama, tay-too, bette!”


1 Response to "Where did THAT come from?"

Hee! My niece is fond of ripping off her own diaper and running around the house screaming “naked baby! naked baby!”

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