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The last birthday post

Posted on: September 30, 2006

Today we had a “birthday playdate” with Shoshanna’s idol/friend Courtney. (C is 7 months older than Shoshanna, and they ADORE each other. It’s hilarious, really.) They proved quite handily the truth that all the parents of multiples already know: that two 2-year-olds cause infinitely more chaos than one 2-year-old can.

In typical toddler style, Shoshanna decided that the big Elmo gift bag was far more fun than the book and bath toys that came in it (though we did read the book three times before naptime – but that just might have been a stalling tactic).

Shoshanna in a Bag

And of course, the kitchen was a big communal plaything.

Two girls cooking

2 1/2 hours later, after running and jumping (did you know that two toddlers will fit in a Pack-n-Play?), and dancing, and drawing, and drumming, and eating turkey sandwiches and bananas and grapes and grapes and grapes and grapes, both girls were beat. :^D


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