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Back in the “pooh!”

Posted on: September 17, 2006

We were back to “simming” lessons (fot the first time since May) today!  Shoshanna was super-extra excited about this – I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she took off to collect her “sihsoo” and her swim diaper and her plastic pants.  She got mad when we tried to put her clothes on over her suit for the drive to the pool.
When we actually got to the “pooh”, she couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough…  and couldn’t get in the pool fast enough.  (But we did stop long enough to give her friend Courtney, who has graduated out of mommy & me lessons, a hug.)  We have a new teacher this time, and when Sam asked Shoshanna if she could put some water on her face, Shoshanna responded by sticking her entire head in the water.  When we got her a bubble, she was happy to bob around mostly just hanging on to my hands.  She demonstrated “jumping” into the pool (which is really just an exaggerated step, since she can’t QUITE get airborne yet) and throwing and chasing a foam letter.  We even managed to convince her to float on her back using a kickboard as a headrest.

And of course, she went off the diving board.  Shoshanna still loooooooves the diving board.


1 Response to "Back in the “pooh!”"

Wonderful!!!! Swimming pools are special places (where I met Grammy). It is great that Shoshanna loves the water, and is happily learning skills there. Esta

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