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Since I made you read my rantings…

Posted on: September 4, 2006

Miscellaneous cuteness, in list form.

  • Tonight I was going to take Shoshanna upstairs for bed and Matthew was going to go out and mow the lawn. When we asked her to say good night to Daddy, she declared “I need Daddy!” and flung herself at him. So he came up and helped with diaper change (which is how bedtime usually goes).
  • Shoshanna’s favorite game right now is hide & seek. She asks us to put her up in the papasaan chair and then she looks at us and says “hiding! hiding!” We are supposed to lie down on the floor next to the chair so that she can’t see us unless we pop up over the edge or she leans out over the edge.
  • Teletubbies are her new best friends ever. (Matthew and I are still trying to figure out what drugs the creators of Boohbah and Teletubbies were on when they thought the shows up… but that’s a whole other story.) She’s adored Boohbah for a while – she giggles like mad at them, and sometimes I can get her to copy the little blobs dance moves. Then, this weekend, I showed her Teletubbies. Holy cow. Her love of Boohbah is nothing compared to her love of the “tubbies.” She giggles, she dances, she talks to them, she mimics them. And she asks to see them ALL THE TIME.
  • “More.” Shoshanna has signed and said more in relation to food for quite a while, but this weekend she showed us that she’s beginning to grasp the concept of quantities. At one point she put one of her crayons in the tupperware that they are stored in and was shaking it around. She brought it over to me and said, “more!” I asked if she wanted more crayons in the box. She said “Yeah!” so I sent her to put more crayons in it and then I put the lid back on and she merrily ran around the basement with her new percussion instrument. She also did it when watching tv – there was one window on the screen, and then two more blinked into existence (we were watching Boohbah), and she merrily signed “more”.
  • She apparently also counted from two to six when she and Matthew were reading Five Little Ducklings yesterday morning. I haven’t seen this myself, though. But we are teaching her to answer “Two!” when we ask her how old she is.

That’s all for now.


3 Responses to "Since I made you read my rantings…"

Boobah scares the life out of me! Seriously, those were some good drugs.

HAHA Your posts always make me smile. 🙂

I am OLD. . .83. . . but Telletubbies make me smile. . .

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