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Should we be proud or mortified?

Posted on: August 9, 2006

Shoshanna is truly a baby of the 21st century. We have two Google tshirts running around our collective wardrobe, and when she’s pointed to the logos on them we’ve said “Google!” and she’s quite obligingly repeated, “dooduh!” This evening, as Matthew was taking her upstairs to bed, she pointed to his shirt (which was a Google shirt) and proudly declared “dooduh!”

That’s right. “Google” is part of my almost-2-year-old’s vocabulary.


3 Responses to "Should we be proud or mortified?"

Oh oh! What would FLICKER turn into in “‘Shanna-speak”?

That sounds like when my oldest was 2 and an Expedia commercial would come on and he would say “dot com!” at the end.

Be Proud! She is a child of the times, way to go Shoshanna!

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