The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie


Posted on: July 14, 2006

The “terrible twos”, they are upon us. We all know that Shoshanna is a very independent, opinionated, stubborn child. We’re firmly convinced that these traits are what have allowed her to thrive despite her prematurity. However, they also mean that we have exchanges like the following, which took place at dinner last night.

Shoshanna: “Done!” She places her cup and plate on the table.
Me: “OK, can you wait while Daddy finishes his dinner?”
Shoshanna: “Yeah!”
…two seconds later…
Shoshanna picks up her plate and throws it on the floor.
Us: “Shoshanna! No throw food!”
Shoshanna pouts. I pick up the mess.
…two seconds later…
Shoshanna very emphatically throws the food that was still on her tray on the floor, followed by her fork.
Me: “Shoshanna. The next time you throw food, you’re getting a time-out.”
(Note that her face crumpled as soon as she heard “the next time…”)
Shoshanna howls for a couple of minutes.
Matthew: “Shoshanna, we love you but…”
Shoshanna howls.
Matthew: “We love you but you can’t…”
Shoshanna howls.
Me: “Shoshanna, you’re a good girl, right?”
Shoshanna stops howling and nods.
Me: “And good girls don’t throw their food on the floor.”
Shoshanna nods.
Me: “We love you. Please don’t throw your food on the floor.”

By that time Matthew was done with his dinner and peace was restored. This sort of exchange is becoming increasingly common. She also is once again refusing to go up stairs by herself (unless you tempt her with something she really wants), but this morning she did consent to walk/scoot DOWN the stairs with my assistance a couple of times.


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