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Stupid Toddler Tricks

Posted on: July 10, 2006

Maybe we’re a bit twisted, but part of the fun of having a toddler who likes to copy EVERYTHING that the grownups do is teaching her silly tricks. We taught her three new tricks while we were in DC.

Trick #1: Climb up in the lounge chairs on Grandma and Opa’s deck, lean back, and say “Ahhhhhh!”

Trick #2: Toasting (clinking glasses). This one started when we went out to dinner Sunday night and toasted, and of course Shoshanna wanted to participate.

Trick #3: Dunking. Shoshanna LOVES to dunk grownups in the pool. In fact, it’s all she wants to do. She puts her hand on the top of your head and pushes down as hard as she can.


2 Responses to "Stupid Toddler Tricks"

OK trick #1 and OK trick #2 but nono #3. . . if she tries it on another toddler, bad scene!

Ah, but she can’t swim independently (even with floatation assistance), so dunking can only happen when she’s being held by a grownup in the big pool.

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