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Vocabulary and other cuteness, 20 1/2 months

Posted on: June 5, 2006

Here’s the current list including both words and signs:

Hi, bye, yes, no, mama, dada, uh-oh, done, ball, block (telling which of these she means is totally context-dependent – because both sound like “bah!”), bird, dog, keys, eat, drink, cheese, grape/raisin, up, glasses, book, more, draw, blankie/sleep, phone (unfortunately, these last two are signed & the signs are indistinguishable to us), wash, baby, shoes, spoon (poo!).

We’ve also heard bib, cookie, papa (for Opa), and she’ll spontaneously pretend to snore if you mention sleep. She’ll also pretend to sneeze if she hears an adult sneeze, and her pretend sneezes are a huge production as she tries to get her face arranged in the right expression and the noises all lined up right. It’s hysterical.

“Uh-oh” is also particularly funny because she uses it whenever she sees something that’s out of order – we were at a restaurant Saturday night and the busboy was wiping off a nearby table into his cupped hand (which Shoshanna couldn’t see) and she saw this and declared “uh-oh!” If she sees something lying on its side, she’ll say “uh-oh!” Sometimes she says it and I can’t even see what’s out of whack, but I know she must have perceived something amiss somewhere.

She’s also babbling in things that sound very much like three-word sentences, although she’s just mimicking adult speech patterns. I often think I’ve heard her say things like “I do it!” and “I got it!”

Toddler OCD is also starting to show its face. There is now one particular chair in which Shoshanna will sit to draw. She won’t let us pull her up to the table in her high chair to draw – even though she can reach the table much better that way! She simply MUST sit in her drawing chair.


3 Responses to "Vocabulary and other cuteness, 20 1/2 months"

Probably there are favorite books, read many times. If so, and these contain repeated words (And then. the …..) or whatever, PAUSE to see if she will supply the missing word. Chances are good she might! e

She actually already does this with her bath-time Elmo book…
Muddy puppy needs a scrub.
Rub-a-dub-dub! Hop in the tub!
Uh-oh! Bubble trouble!
Wash the puppy on the double!

I think your blog site is great! I’ve just given birth to a preemie myself (he’s 16 weeks early) and it’s really inspiring to see your little girl thriving so well. Keep up the amazing work! Feel free to have a look at our blog spot too.

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