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New Physical Therapist – or – Ways She’s Super-Preemie

Posted on: April 20, 2006

Shoshanna met her new PT for the first time this afternoon. Because it was her first visit (and becasue the paperwork from Shoshanna’s February assessment hadn’t made it into her hands), she basically put Shoshanna through a full assessment. (And hey, it only took her about five minutes to look at me and say, “And she’s getting services WHY?”)

Her motor skills, both fine and gross, tested at 17-19 months. (For those keeping score at home, she’ll be 19 months old next Tuesday.) Amanda was very impressed at her drawing skills in particular. AND this eval was done when Shoshanna was completely exhausted. So, y’know, she’s super. But we already knew that.

The other thing we did was talked a fair bit about her speech delay, and decided to put off having her formally assessed because right now she tests at her adjusted age. Since NY does everything based on adjusted age, she wouldn’t qualify for services right now. This wouldn’t be a big deal, only they’ll only do formal assessments once every six months. So basically Amanda doesn’t want us to blow our SLT assessment now when she wouldn’t qualify for services and then and then not be able to do another one until she’s 2. And since her vocabulary has EXPLODED in the past week (she’s added “baby”, “draw” (DAH!), “a doggy” (ah-dah-guh), and probably some others that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now)… She’s also invented another new sign – for “draw”.

Like I said. Super-preemie.


4 Responses to "New Physical Therapist – or – Ways She’s Super-Preemie"

The language development delay in relation to other types of development doesn’t surprise me. At least, as a language nativist, her language development is consistent with the side of the nerdy fency I firmly place myself on in terms of language stuff. (In other words, language capacity is much more about genetics than environment, assuming a normal environment. And language is going to develop at about the same rate, regardless of whether she spent those last months in the womb or not.)

NY is just crazy – so because she is okay with her “language” they will not get an SLP for her “speach”. Of course – as much as I hate to admit it – the SLP will need to hear more language to see how her speach turns out. I’m just use to the pro-active system of life in MA. *shrug*. BUT – do tell what her sign is for drawing? And do you realize she has added about 3-5 new words in just one week? Go kido!

Her sign for “draw” is holding her fingers together as if she were holding a crayon and gesturing up and down.

What a cuttie. BTW: I got the pics from the falls. The first one looks like she is picking her nose the second one looks like she is eating it. ooooooo! Go girl. *smile*

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