The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Shoshanna’s Spring Break

Posted on: March 18, 2006

Shoshanna had a fabulous time at Grammy & Grandpa’s house for the first part of (mama and daddy’s) spring break. She adored the cats; she’d squeal “Hiiiii!” every time she saw them. For their part, they tolerated the loud miniature human as long as she didn’t accidentally step on their tails or pet them too enthusiastically. We went swimming, enjoyed the warmth, Shoshanna wrestled with Auntie Em.

The travel was nice and uneventful – our flight from BUF to ORD was delayed but we had that 3 hour layover, so that wasn’t a problem. One set of hands to haul two people’s worth of stuff, especially when part of that stuff is a carseat, is a pain, but I managed. Shoshanna did pretty well; when she got stir crazy, standing in the aisle was usually enough to appease her.

Today Shoshanna and I went to an SCA event, where she made many, amny friends and practiced her walking skills which are getting better by the minute, I swear it. Just today she started to be able to crouch down to pick up things that she’s dropped and after we got home she was actually getting upright without pulling up on anything.


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