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The budding artiste

Posted on: March 3, 2006

On Monday I bought Shoshanna her very first box of Crayola crayons. She caught on to the idea of scribbling on paper really quickly and produced four original masterpieces in a relatively short time. (There are, of course, some pics of her in the act in the Shoshanna 2006 slideshow on FlickR.)

She LOVES to draw! We’ve only had to cut one session short due to attempted crayon-eating, and when she sees me getting out the paper and the box of crayons, she gets REALLY excited! It’s amazing how quickly she’s becoming much more dextrous with the process, as well – the early drawings have really faint lines, and now she’s already figured out how to press harder to make darker lines, and she’s experimenting with what happens when you push the crayon versus pulling it, and what happens when you push straight down on a crayon until it unbalances itself and goes skidding off in some direction or another.

Tonight, I also introduced her to the idea of the paper airplane. She thought that was pretty nifty, too, but maybe that was due to me excitedly saying “crash!” with every nosedive.

Speaking of getting better at doing things, the walking is also getting much, much better – she walked almost halfway across the long axis of our (fairly large) living room yesterday before she stepped on a toy and sat down.


2 Responses to "The budding artiste"

Delighted to see artist-at-work! (I sent some of mine to Stillwater for you before I knew there are 2 of us budding artists.) esta

great. good to see she’s playiing with the pots and pans as well! ;-)–>

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