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Holiday highlights and lowlight

Posted on: January 3, 2006


  • Shoshanna has words! Well, she says “hi” pretty consistently to people she knows. She started doing it either Christmas Day or the 26th, I can’t remember which. We were all sitting around the living room and she was saying “Hi” to each new person who walked into the room. She doesn’t say “mama” or “dada” yet, is the really funny part.
  • Shoshanna can also stand on her own (letting go after pulling up) for several seconds at a time. She looks pretty confused when she does it, too.
  • She’s walking pretty well with Helen the Hippo. She has to be on the fairly high-pile carpet in the living & dining room, or Helen runs away from her, and she gets very distracted when a block gets gobbled, but it’s all very cute.
  • She also adores her Crazy Legs Learning Bug. I literally had to wrestle it away from her to be allowed to take it out of the box (she threw a tantrum at the store when I took it away from her to pay for it, too). When it plays its music, she dances this cute little version of “the twist.”
  • Wrapping paper and ribbon are still the best toys every, though.

Guess who’s allergic to amoxycillin?!?!?!?! You guessed it! Shoshanna! On day 8 of her course of antibiotics (which was Tuesday after Christmas), she broke out in full-body hives. We were still in New York City, so doped her up with Benadryl, came home, and tried to wait until her Synagis and ear infection recheck appointment Wednesday morning. We ended up breaking down and taking her to the after-hours clinic on Tuesday evening, which is where we learned that the probable allergen was the antibiotics. Wednesday morning we went to her regular doctor, whose immediate response upon seeing Shoshanna was “Holey Schlamley!” They switched her to Zyrtec (which thankfully is a once-a-day med) which has kept the reaction under control and it’s getting less and less every day – now she’s only hivey when she’s upset and the meds are wearing off. She ended up not getting her Synagis that day – instead she’ll get it at her 15-month checkup tomorrow.


1 Response to "Holiday highlights and lowlight"

Hi. Found you via Snowdeal and Flickr.

We had the same antibiotic experience you did – hives and all. No fun!

Anyway, just thought I would leave a comment and tell you hello, from one micropreemie parent to another. Hope things are well.

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