The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

On the brink of a major cognitive breakthru?

Posted on: December 16, 2005

Shoshanna’s been experimenting with lots of new sounds, and copying some words but without understanding their meaning. She’s been saying “yeah!” for a little while, but out of context. She’ll sometimes copy you if you say “Yay!” and the other day she actually said it of her own accord when Matthew came in the door from work. She tends to use “dayday” only when Matthew’s around, so I’m wondering if that doesn’t mean “Daddy.”

She’s also clearly starting to get some of the things that we say. If I hold out my hand and say “Can you give Mama the [object], please?” she’ll do so about half the time. If I get down at floor level and say “Come to Mama, please!” she’ll often crawl over to me.

Also, she’s finally figured out that crawling means she can go places on her own initiative, so she’ll take off to other parts of the house if we’re not looking, or crawl right back to where we didn’t want her to be if we’ve taken her away from something that she shouldn’t be playing with. She’ll also follow us around the house, which has its uses.

Finally, she’s very close to being able to maintain a stand on her own. She’ll push off of tables or us for a second or two at a time before she either sits down or leans back on whatever she’d pulled up on.


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