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It’s cliche, but it’s CUTE!

Posted on: December 8, 2005

Every baby must have their Official Spaghetti Sauce Picture. And here is Shoshanna’s.
Shoshanna's first spaghetti dinner (by sarahmichelef)
She’s had tomato sauce a handful of times before, in one of her favorite foods – baked ziti. We like ziti because it’s easy for her to pick up – she can’t handle a long, skinny noodle. Anyway, baked ziti doesn’t have the mess potential that a true spaghetti sauce does.

In other eating news, she’s getting quite good at taking bites off of bigger pieces of food – she’ll eat hunks of bread, slices of banana, and whole zitis. She’s also decided that it’s fun to take a big mouthful of milk out of her cup and then let it dribble down her chin. We’re trying to figure out the best way to discourage this practice. I had just been taking the cup away when she did it, but that doesn’t teach her what she’s SUPPOSED to be doing with it, so now we’re being very excited when she takes a drink and DOESN’T dribble the milk down her chin.


3 Responses to "It’s cliche, but it’s CUTE!"

OMG, those are some cute sauce pictures! I love her bright blue eyes. My son has taken to doing the same thing with his milk. Only problem is he only does it when i can’t get to him quickly, like in the car. I have started doing the same thing, with saying good job when he doesn’t dribble. it seams to help. Good Luck.

It was nice to read your story. I have 25 wk twins. Its nice to have read about someone that can relate. I will continue to read about your little miracle.

yes they do!

they’re brilliant! so glad to hear the good news, seems both our preemies are doing great. she looks so big now it’s amazing!!!

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