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Old enough to be marketed to…

Posted on: November 20, 2005

Shoshanna is apparently old enough to find baby-geared TV shows amusing. Here’s how we know:

Matthew and I were watching Arthur yesterday morning, and as part of the story, Arthur gets sucked into watching the “Love Ducks”, a show that was clearly intended to mimic Boohbah (warning: annoying noises on this website that I’m sure Shoshanna would find HILARIOUS) and/or the Teletubbies. Shoshanna immediately stopped what she was doing, stared wide-eyed at the TV, and started clapping excitedly.

It was a little scary, really.

And no, this does NOT mean that we are going to start plopping her in front of these shows. We’ll wait ’til she’s old enough for Sesame Street.


2 Responses to "Old enough to be marketed to…"

My first thought was: aha, this proves the people who developed Teletubbies really DID know how to catch little ones, but then I thought, AHA! Shoshshana has seen/heard this at day care so recognized it! esta

oops! so carried away I misspelled Shoshana. . sorry! e

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