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Posted on: November 4, 2005

I don’t think I ever posted about the ultimate Prilosec decision. We’ve now been reflux-med free for 4 1/2 weeks! Shoshanna’s doing fine without the Prilosec. We’re due to go back to GI in late January for a checkup, but if she’s still doing well then, she’ll be discharged from GI. Whoohoo!

Shoshanna’s also starting to investigate the possibility of cruising (walking holding on to furniture) and using various and sundry objects as walkers (her activity table and empty diaper boxes are the favorites). We have to tempt her with toys to get her to walk along the coffee table, and the “walkers” are really more an issue of her keeping herself from falling, but she’s definitely getting the idea that feet can be used for locomotion. It’s amazing how much better she’s gotten at standing up and how much more steady she is when upright even after just a week or so of really pulling up.


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Side note: If you buy a “walker” toy the best are the kind that are ride/walker toys. Since the problem with walkers is that they are very light and tend to slip out from under the kido – take a heavy can and place it in the seat compartment.


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