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She oughta be in pictures!

Posted on: October 30, 2005

Video of Shoshanna engaging in various dinnertime antics. It’s about 3 minutes long; time to load will depend on your connection speed.

Also, application of Orajel last night revealed that the left outer incisor is only about a day behind the right one. Both have begun to break through the skin & are clearly visible IF Shoshanna will let you get anywhere near her mouth. She’s MUCH crankier with these teeth than she was wiht the first two.


2 Responses to "She oughta be in pictures!"

Hehe! I finally got to watch it now that I’m back at my own place with broadband internet that isn’t monitored! So cute.


Oh my goodness that was too cute! I think I have 10 hours of tape just of my son eating. Enjoy!

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