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and the trend continues…

Posted on: October 20, 2005

We’ve apparently reached the point where Shoshanna’s desire to feed herself outweighs everything else at mealtimes. In part, this might be due to our having given her the first part of her course of antibiotics in a little bit of food – which put her off of anything we might offer her (as well as leading to a renewed hatred of getting into her high chair). So she’s been having “sandwiches” (bread, cheese, lunch meat), small-cut fruit, pasta, chicken, etc. Tonight she had baked ziti (really, it was more like noodles with a very little bit of sauce and cheese clinging to them) and she literally could not get them into her mouth fast enough. She ate almost twice the amount I expected her to, and after that I broke out the shredded mozzarella because I wanted to have some of my dinner for myself. She still not eating enough “people food” to replace her jarred baby food, but she’s willing to eat bites of puree

Also: she’s finally starting to pull to standing. She can’t do it on “tall” things, but if the object she’s kneeling against is roughly chest-high, up she goes. So far the best objects for this are me (if I’m lying on the floor playing with her) and the open dishwasher (which I’m much less fond of as a climbing device).


3 Responses to "and the trend continues…"

So don’t leave it open!!!

It’s surprisingly hard to LOAD a closed dishwasher…

It must be in her genes. Anne & Lenny have great movies of Neil and Matt playing with her dishwasher. They always loved it – I guess it’s the right height for a little one. Love, Grandma

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