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Cold:1; Shoshanna:0

Posted on: October 11, 2005

Despite my best efforts, Shoshanna has caught my cold. As far as colds go, it’s not so bad (she’s definitely less sick than I have been, but that’s not really saying much) but she’s been a little big grouchy. This makes it hard to tell how well the no-prilosec experiment is going, of course, but I’m feeling pretty confident about it. She’s still eating well and she hasn’t been spitting up more (yeah, I know Prilosec doesn’t do anything to keep her from spitting up, ut in the past when we’ve tried to take her off the meds she has had more trouble keeping food in her tummy).

Shoshanna has learned a new skill at daycare: applause. We first noticed it when we went to see Uncle Josh and Aunt Jacy finish their second marathon a week ago (she clapped along during the awards ceremony), and she’s been doing it more and more since then. The really funny part is that she doesn’t necessarily only clap when she’s happy… the juxtaposition of whining and clapping is too cute.


1 Response to "Cold:1; Shoshanna:0"

Awwww! I hope both you and your little sunshine feel better real soon. My son is starting an ear infection from teething, so I feel your plight. Take ggod care!

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