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Posted on: September 19, 2005

For weeks (since mid-July), Shoshanna has been babbling, but primarily with only one consonant – a “d.” She has even once looked straight at Matthew and said, “dada” but we don’t think that there was any meaning behind it.

Over the past couple of days, she’s been doing a lot of smacking her lips together (which means she’s not hanging her tongue out of her mouth…), and this morning during breakfast she popped off with a “mamamama,” to be followed later in the day by a “bababa.” Soon we might have a variety of “words” coming out of her mouth!

She’s also done her “Oh, early intervention mentioned this so I’d better do it” routine again. AT her assessment last Wednesday, one of the therapists asked me if she was offering us toys yet. I said no. Less than two hours later, Shoshanna was standing in my lap gnawing on her burp rag, and she looked me straight in the eye, took the rag out of her mouth and stuffed it in mine. She has also “offered” me the cap to her bottle in the same way.

Speaking of bottles, she’s finally decided that she *can* hold her own bottle. She still needs to be reclined to do it, but she’ll hold the bottle. She won’t take it from you once it’s in her mouth, though – you have to hand it to her and let her be in charge the whole way.

The first week of daycare went as well as the first day; by Friday (she goes three days a week) she would even eat solids for them and actually napped. It’s very cute how the toddlers react to her – when I drop her off we are greeted with a chorus of “Sanna! Sanna!” And there’s one little guy who asks every day “are you coming to stay with us?”

Hrm… what else… She’s pulling to her knees very well & all the time, doing a lot of rocking on all fours, and becoming even more opinionated about whether or not she’s allowed to play with things like my keys, Matthew’s glasses, and plastic bags.


5 Responses to "mamababamamababa"

Yah – go miss talkative!


You know, once she starts talking it will be hard to get her to stop. Love ya, Grammy

September 25 soon! What a year this has been for you. . . All of us who have watched are delighted with current news/pictures. Thank you for including us in “family.” (I remember the day Sarah was born.) Esta Wolfram, once in Stillwater

Happy Birthday Shoshanna!

Happy Birthday Shoshanna!

From Brigit

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