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another massive update

Posted on: September 7, 2005

things are, as usual, completely nutso around here, hence the lack of news about what Shoshanna has been up to. I won’t bullet thie list this time, though…

We have teeth! Note that that word is PLURAL. She cut the first one about a week ago, and the second one is just barely palpable. So soon she’ll have two bottom teeth! Both Matthew and I have already been bitten a couple of times. I haven’t managed to get a picture of her gums yet, though… she’s still too fond of hanging her tongue out of her mouth for me to catch a good shot.

Shoshanna went to her first wedding this past weekend. She danced with Daddy and the maid of honor, was oohed and ahhed over a lot, and even got her own high chair at the reception. And she proved that she can sleep through just about anything – except applause.

Speaking of sleeping, we’ve been working with her on going to sleep without one of us (according to her, preferably me) holding her. She’d been pretty good about going to sleep until all of our travels this summer, and we hadn’t made an issue of it until last week (what can I say… I didn’t mind having the extra cuddle time). She’s getting much better about it… yesterday when I put her down for her morning nap, she was fussing pretty insistently when I left the room… and she was sound asleep three minutes later.

Shoshanna’s ALMOST brave enough to crawl on the hardwood floor now. She’s tried it once, when there were oh-so-tempting plastic bags (have I mentioned that she’s pretty sure that plastic bags are the best toy ever? And she’ll crawl/climb over, under, and through anything that’s in her way to get to one. She’ll unpack the whole diaper bag just to get to the zip lock bag that has the wipes in it…) within sight. She wasn’t enamored enough of the ability to slide on her tummy to try it again, though.

Probably the biggest change that’s upcoming is that Shoshanna will be starting daycare next week. She’ll be going three days a week so that I can have half a prayer of ever finishing my dissertation. She seems to really like the primary care provider, and it’s a small center (only 11 kids), so we’ll see how she (and we) do(es).

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Ahh sleep! My preemie is amlost 3 and STILL will not go to sleep on his own, nor is he sleeping all ngiht long. Sleep deprived is just a way of life for us now. Sad isn’t it! Let me know if you learn any amazing tricks!–>

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