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It’s catch-up week!

Posted on: August 29, 2005

It seems that Shoshanna has picked this week (well, and last week) to play catchup. She’s got the increased solids consumption, the sitting up (which she can pretty much do at will now, and she’s learning to work it around small obstacles – as in, she can sit up with her butt on a small object), and now the standing. After months and months of only putting weight on her legs under duress or when she was really mad, she’s now WANTING to stand. And she’s doing it pretty well – she needs support for balance, and she doesn’t stand up straight – she sticks her butt out – but she’s enjoying it. Earlier she was standing happily in my lap, leaning on my chest, playing with the back of the chair.

Maybe she’s decided she doesn’t want to have to mess with any of that silly early intervention stuff…


3 Responses to "It’s catch-up week!"


Showing signs of readiness for bipedal locomotion at 11 months? That sure sounds like she’s right on track, to me. (If I remember correctly.)

That’s great!

Her next big hurdle is to crawl – crawl over to an item – pull her self up to stand – learn how to get down from stand *grin* – and then start playing with letting go. After all that noise – she will be a walking bundle of joy. I will be somewhat remised if the EI in NY does not pick her up for services epically since she still needs to go through all those steps to be completely “age appropriate”

Now in saying that – go tell her – it seems recently that is all you need to do to get her to reach a next milestone *smile*.


We had EI and it was the best thing we have ever done! Alex loved all the special attention. It seemed like as soon as we started focusing on one issue he was struggling with after a few lessons.. Boom.. he got it!!! Sounds like she is doing great catching up!

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