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Another bullet list…

Posted on: July 21, 2005

Things are too crazy around here… we’re moving next week and that’s taken over our entire existence, just about. So here goes:

  • Shoshanna is 10th percentile for weight at 16.7 pounds, and 8th percentile for height at 26 1/2″. She’ll be 10 months old next week.
  • We went to Oklahoma for Mama’s 10th high school reunion. Grammy threw a little party for Shoshanna and she met all sorts of people, perhaps most notably Miss Fiona.
  • Shoshanna’s love of water continues – she thought the pool was pretty nifty, once she got over the weirdness of it being a giant bathtub.
  • Shoshanna started babbling on the plane on the way to Oklahoma (once again proving that all we need for her to do something is for a professional to say “she ought to be doing this”). So far we’ve got “adadadadadadada” and “agagagagag” and the occasional “la”.
  • Shoshanna can now sit sit unsupported for almost a minute at a time.
  • Doctor’s visit yesterday, where Shoshanna was declared to be a perfectly normal 10-month-old socially. We also got a complete copy of her medical records from UHS, which was a pretty interesting read.

Shoshanna’s going to her grandparents’ in Maryland next week while we move – so there won’t be many updates on her from this end (besides, we’ll be packing, loading, driving, signing our lives away, and unloading).

OK. Time to capitalize on naptime to get some other stuff done.


2 Responses to "Another bullet list…"

Everyone wishes you well, I’m sure. Most of us know how complicated moving is!!
We will, however, look forward to “further adventures.” Esta (from long ago Stillwater days).


I’d like to let you know that your “super premie” is bigger now at this age than my “super peanut” daughter was. And she was 5 days over due and born at 8 pounds 13 oz. at birth.

Good luck!! Happy Baby!!
Eleanor le brun

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