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More Pictures!

Posted on: July 1, 2005

I’ve updated the June pictures.

OTs who have strong opinions about exersaucsers may want to avert their eyes, though… No, we didn’t buy one – you don’t have to disown us. ;^)

Great-Uncle Richard has also posted some pictures from their visit a couple of weeks ago. Go here and click on the last link on the page.

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5 Responses to "More Pictures!"

“want spinning thing” is going to be my new desktop photo. How cute! I like spinny things, too.

i hear ya on the exersaucer deal! someone gave us one, but kayla likes wiggling/crawling/rolling around on the floor better, anyway! oh well…

It’s the radial shirt!

(in your uncle’s pictures)


Best good wishes as you move to Buffalo! We’ll standby for your happy landing. e


I know what you guys have been though. My son was born at 27 and 6/7 weeks old. he weigh 1lb 11ozs. Looking at the pictures brought back a lot of memories. Andrew is 7 months old and 10lbs. Good luck…–>

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