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New toys and a new noise

Posted on: June 14, 2005

For a while now Shoshanna’s been getting frustrated because she wants to play with toys in a way that doesn’t involve lying on the floor, but she can’t QUITE sit unsupported yet – she can sometimes manage to stay in tripod (propped on her hands, leaning forward) for a few seconds, but then her arms give out and she ends up doubled over with her face in the floor, which makes her (understandably) mad. We’ve been letting her play in her high chair with toys like her Roll-a-Rounds balls on the tray, but she invariably pushes them onto the floor within about 10 seconds.

Yesterday, though, I sat her up using me as a “chair” to play with her Whirligig Turtle that she got from Grandma and Opa. It took me showing her what to do exactly once for her to figure out that pushing on the turtle’s head made there be lights and music, and she got very excited and kicked him out of the way. I put him back, she pushed on his head, got very excited, and kicked him out of the way. Eventually she got so excited that she was yelling at him. I couldn’t see her face, though! She still thought he was fun this morning, too.

Shoshanna’s also discovered a noise that she thinks is ALMOST as fun as “pbbbbt” – she’s started smacking her lips together. I was not as amused as I could have been at first because she chose 3 am to begin experimenting with this fun sound. But it is very cute.

Oh, and no teeth yet.

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2 Responses to "New toys and a new noise"

can you make those links pop up in a new browser window, yo?

Evidently when I was a baby I had a toy that stuck to the high chair tray via a suction cup. Then the idea was to bat at the rattle or whatever it was on top.

However, my mom loves telling me how I wouldn’t play with it like I was supposed to, that my absolute mission in life was to get that suction cup unstuck!

But maybe something like that would work for Shoshanna, if they still make such things (:

Jess Felt

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