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The secret of bananas, and the impending appearance of TEETH!

Posted on: June 10, 2005

I discovered the secret to Shoshanna’s banana aversion. It wasn’t a banana aversion so much as an objection to the commercial baby bananas, which quite honestly smelled exactly like banana-flavored candy. She’ll happily chow down on a very ripe banana that’s been run through the food processor ’til it’s the proper consistency; she ate half of a banana yesterday! Hopefully today she’ll eat the other half.

Some of Shoshanna’s recent crankiness is almost certainly heat-related (I guess she takes after me in thinking that 90+ degrees and really high humidity is JUST WRONG), but it’s also apparently related to a nagging pain in her little jaw. That’s right, teething has begun! No pearly whites have made an appearance yet, but she’s showing MANY of the classic “I’m teething” signs: irritability, drooling even more than usual (and that’s a LOT), playing with her ears, difficulty falling and staying asleep (we’ve been up with her at least once a night all week – it doesn’t help that it’s too hot to put her in pajamas when we go to bed, but by 4 am she gets cold if she’s just wearing a onesie…), refusal of the normally-adored pacifier. And the kicker: most of these symptoms are alleviated with the application of either a frozen washcloth or pacifier, or some Baby Orajel. Gee, I wonder if she’s teething?

Hopefully she’ll be a happy girl for NICU graduation tomorrow!


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