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Mama, Daddy! Save me!!!!!

Posted on: June 7, 2005

That’s the new thing Shoshanna says. Well, not in so many words, but the inevitable has happened. Last night we had to rescue Shoshanna three times in an hour because she’d rolled from her back to her tummy & was mad about it. I had to chuckle when I went upstairs and she was lying in her crib, propped up on her elbows, crying at the top of her lungs.

The naming ceremony and the ensuing party were perfectly lovely; Shoshanna was very well-behaved on the plane and mostly well-behaved during the ceremony and the party. She had a couple of epic battles with sleep on Saturday night. Sleep eventually won, but the fights were rather dramatic. Everyone loved her, of course, and she flirted up a storm.

Shoshanna marked her visit to Grandma and Opa with a couple of new skills. The most exciting is rolling from back to tummy, of course. That one developed really quickly. On Thursday she was beginning to get herself to her side consistently. On Friday and Saturday she was able to maintain a side-lie and started to get to 3/4 on her tummy. Sunday midday, she flipped herself over several times in each direction (to the left and to the right). She’s going to have to get over her refusal to roll tummy to back soon – she’s already starting to do it more.

She has also held her own bottle for a couple of seconds at a time on 2 or 3 occasions in the past couple of days. She actually also did this for the first time on Sunday, with a bottle that I would think would be hard for her to hold & balance (the Evenflo Comfi as opposed to the usual el-cheapo Gerbers that we use). Awww… she’s becoming independent!

We’ve also learned that Shoshanna and hot weather do NOT get along. This does not bode well for our trip to Oklahome next month. Sunday was a clothing-optional day; yesterday was a clothing-minimal day, and today Shoshanna ended up sitting in the stainless steel (and therefore fairly cool) kitchen sink with a trickle of cool water running out of the faucet before we decided to go find someplace airconditioned to hang out.

Oh, and Shoshanna has decided that she LOVES her rice cereal. Does a very cute baby bird impression whenever a spoonful of it gets near her mouth.


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