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The paranoias of the 21st century parent…

Posted on: June 2, 2005

Ack! Shoshanna’s upstairs napping and I have NO BABY MONITOR TO LISTEN TO!!!

Why is there no baby monitor, you ask? The answer is simple:
It’s in a suitcase in the trunk of my car.

You see, this evening, Shoshanna is going on her first plane ride! We’re flying down to Maryland for the weekend for her naming ceremony and a big party at Grandma and Opa’s house. (And we didn’t want to be there without a monitor…) She’ll once again be meeting LOTS of new people, seeing both sets of grandparents, one set of might-as-well-be grandparents, and at least one great-aunt.

So wish us luck… We’re all packed (all of her feeding paraphernalia takes up a LOT OF SPACE!!!), armed with Tylenol and pacifiers, and hopefully we won’t forget anything important this time.


1 Response to "The paranoias of the 21st century parent…"

ooooh! first plane ride! very exciting indeed!!!

It is quite nightmarish flying with a small baby, but rest assured, this one wont be the worst! Once she can stand up and walk it will get even worse! 😉

as for the luggage I found that as long as you can dump most of it at the check in counter it isn’t so bad.. except of course for your HUGE hang luggage filled with food, toys, nappies and a tiny little space of your own.

Have a good time!!!–>

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