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That was one of the things!

Posted on: May 19, 2005

One of the other things that Nancy said Shoshanna would be doing soon: discovering her toes. And so she has. Or rather, her legs – in the past couple of days she’s suddenly become able to get her feet up high enough that she can start to grab at her legs. Her favorite time to do this is, of course, when you’re trying to put on a clean diaper because then you’re dealing with a (naked) moving target.

Shoshanna also has a new favorite toy: my water bottles. Actually, I think she’s probably not too particular about what was IN the bottle to begin with, but she watches me drink out of them very excitedly and intently. When I’m done I cap them good & tight and let her play with them. Should she get bored, the game becomes exciting and fun again if you just pretend to drink out of the bottle.

We are very curious about Shoshanna’s cognitive development. To us, it seems like she’s much closer to her ACTUAL age in terms of cognition and social skills, but her motor skills remain right on par with her adjusted age. The upshot of this is that she tends to get frustrated pretty easily – she WANTS to be able to do things, but she CAN’T yet.

This can’t bode well for her Terrible Twos.

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