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Being Social

Posted on: May 15, 2005

Even though we’ve been allowed to take Shoshanna out in public for a while now, we’d been putting off really having her socialize with other kids. Her first encounter with other children was when we went to Mayday a couple of weeks ago. Then, this week, she met four new friends!

On Tuesday, we had a playdate with two-and-a-half-year-old Catharine, and her little sister Emily, who is a month younger than Shoshanna’s adjusted age. Shoshanna and Emily are basically the exact same size, and spent a fair bit of time staring at each other. Shoshanna also decided to assert her identity as the meanest kid on the playground by spitting up in Emily’s car seat and pulling on her ear.

Last night, we had dinner at Keith and Mickey’s house, and Shoshanna met their two kids, Mikayla (also 2 1/2) and Gabriel (11 months). Playground karma asserted itself when, upon our arrival, Gabriel crawled over to us (I had Shoshanna sitting in my lap), pulled himself up on my legs, and stuck his finger in Shoshanna’s eye. Surprisingly, she didn’t really react. She did get lots of petting from both Gabriel and Mikayla and hugs and kisses from Mikayla.

It’s amazing… maybe it is a NICU thing, but Shoshanna is in some ways more content when we’re out and about in lots of hubub (like last night with two other kids screaming, six adults chatting, and the dog barking) than she is at home where it’s relatively quiet (although we do usually have some sort of music/radio/tv on). We’re glad that she’s so happy with being out and about, though – it means that we can pretty much drag her anywhere and everywhere and not worry about it.


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