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never let it be said…

Posted on: May 11, 2005

… that Shoshanna doesn’t know how to make her wishes known. We have a routine in which Shoshanna eats Big Kid Food (aka, rice cereal) for lunch, whenever that might be (anytime from 11:30 to 1:30). Today, she was acting hungry around 11:30 so I made up some cereal for her, but she ate a couple of bites and then decided that she didn’t want anymore (instead, she wanted a nap). The next time she got hungry, I made up another batch of cereal, but she again refused to eat it. She was clearly hungry, though. I was eating a banana at the time and thought, “I wonder if Shoshanna would do better with bananas now?” So I broke out a new package of bananas, which met with much greater acclaim than the cereal had gotten – that package is now about half gone. Hopefully her tummy is as ready for bananas as her taste buds are!

I’ve been very bad about updating… my excuse is that it’s the last week of the semester. Keep an eye out for reports of last weekend’s activities with Gram and Grandpa, Nancy’s reports to us as Shoshanna’s “to do” list, our very first official play date, and a new Thing that Shoshanna Knows. Oh, and May pictures.

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