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Pictures and PT

Posted on: May 4, 2005

First off, there are new pictures! April pictures have been updated with the remainder of the month (including pictures of the relative mess that is eating solids), and Uncle Josh has webbed some pictures from a visit mid-month (he and Aunt Jacy kindly came out to babysit so that we could go out for Matthew’s 30th birthday).

Nancy the friendly neighborhood physical therapist came by today for Shoshanna’s monthly checkup, and as ususal she’s been declared to be doing great. She’s right on the cusp of being able to consistently roll front to back (again), is moving really well, etc. Everything she is (and isn’t) doing is perfectly consistent with a normal 4-month-old. It’s really funny – there are some things that she just won’t do when there’s a health-care professional in the audience… she doesn’t keep her head in line when pulled to sitting nearly as well for others as she does for us; while Nancy was here, she was favoring her right hand in playing with toys (which she does do a little bit, but she certainly moves both sides equally well and can grasp toys and bring them to her mouth as well with the left as she can with the right).

The sad news is that Nancy won’t be working with our early intervention program anymore, so we’ll be meeting a new therapist (either physical or occupational) next month. Apparently our case manager has changed, too, and the new one’s coming out to meet us early next week.

On the motor skills front, Shoshanna’s getting closer to being able to use her hands cooperatively. A couple of times I’ve caught her holding on to one of her links with both hands, and once I witnessed her (accidentally) pass a link from one hand to the other. But this is how it begins!

After a couple of days late last week of not wanting to eat much, Shoshanna’s been making up for lost time – she finished every drop of milk offered to her today – 25 ounces so far, with a parents’ bedtime bottle left to go – plus about a tablespoon of cereal.


3 Responses to "Pictures and PT"

Ah… the comings and goings of EI staff…. I bet you guys will in in EI longer then most of the staff you get – sad but true.
6+ years in EI and counting (considered an “old timer” in the feild)

Haha! The first two eating pictures sent me in a several minute long laughing fit. šŸ˜€


“It’s really funny – there are some things that she just won’t do when there’s a health-care professional in the audience…”

odin loved to do ( or not do as the case may be ) this as well. we’ll sit off to the side, anxiously biting our fingernails, trying to be silent during the evaluation, while all the while thinking, “BUT HE WAS JUST DOING THAY BEFORE YOU SHOWED UP!!!! HONEST!!!!”

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