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Shoshanna’s Second Big Adventure!

Posted on: May 2, 2005

Since Shoshanna did so well at Troy & Lisa’s for Seder last week, and since the weather yesterday was truly atrocious, we decided to take her to her first (real) SCA event! We figured that they would almost certainly have moved the event indoors since it had been raining and gross and the field that it’s normally held on would be a veritable mudpit. We were right on the first count; we did not attempt to independently verify the second.

In addition to being the cutest thing going in her blue dress and little white linen cap, Shoshanna had a fantastic time. There were all sorts of new things to see – she was especially fascinated with fencing, which is good since she’ll be growing up watching both of us doing it.. There were all sorts of people to meet who agreed with her that she is, in fact, the most important and interesting thing in the universe (or at least they were willing to pretend that for her sake). She also met the 1-month-son of our friends Jennifer and Michael, and for the first time had her daddy interfere in her social life. (We were comparing their hand sizes when Matthew swooped in, declaring “No holding hands with boys!”) Daddy also helped her attempt to break open Pelgrin the Human Pinata (ok, really he was just looking for an excuse to swing a stick at Pelgrin, but who’s keeping track of things like that?).

Unfortunately, we failed to get a picture of the excessive cuteness… next time!


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Aww she sounds so cute!!!–>

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