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The Big Grump

Posted on: April 28, 2005

Referring of course to both Shoshanna and her behavior. She has been having a really big grumpy the past several days. We thought it might be the bananas, so no more of those for a while. Dr. O think that her reflux might be acting up, so we increased her dose of Prilosec. That takes a couple of days to take effect, so we’ll see how she’s doing after the weekend. She’s also learned that she can make us pay attention to her by making specific sounds. The current one is an awful high-pitched shriek that ends in a little spit gurgle. According to the pediatrician, this sort of behavior is much more in line with her chronological age than her adjusted age, which is perfectly lovely in theory. In practice, it’s loud and kind of annoying.

She’s also BIG! 13.8 pounds yesterday, which seemed like not much weight gain to us, but was perfectly in line with her previous gains. She also has grown over an inch in length in the past month! She’s over 2′ tall now! And, as predicted, on the charts for her adjusted age – 3.5th percentile for height, 4.5th percentile for weight, and 10th percentile for head. According to the GI, most 25-weekers don’t make it onto the charts (at 5th percentile) for their actual age ’til about 18 months – and it seems like she’ll probably have done so by 8. Go, Shoshanna!

Shoshanna met a whole bunch of new people in the sociology and computer science departments yesterday, and a new nurse practitioner at the doctor’s. Nearly universally, the response to her was, “She has such beautiful eyes! And such long eyelashes!” She of course loved it because everyone was treating her like the center of the universe that she knows she is.

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