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Halfway to a new song…

Posted on: April 25, 2005

We’re halfway to “I like to eat… I like to eat… I like to eat, eat apples and bananas!” Since Shoshanna did fine with her rice cereal for a full week, we’ve moved on to more flavorful foods – pureed bananas! We tried some at dinnertime last night, but she was tired and not in the mood to eat, so all she did was make yukky faces and make it clear that she wasn’t happy about the prospect of eating this new food.

Today, though, she polished of an ounce and a quarter of bananas over the course of lunch and dinner! (We’re estimating… the whole container of baby bananas is 2.5 oz, and she’s eaten about half of it.) She’s still acclimating to the taste – both times, the first few bites prompted a really funny almost-disgusted-but-not-quite face, but she ate them anyway. (If she’d continued to act like she didn’t like the taste, I was going to dilute it a bit with some rice cereal and milk – because the stuff sure smells strongly of bananas!) She still thinks that eating is a whole lot of fun – there are big grins and happy noises after just about every bite.

I’m convinced that we started feeding her solids right at the beginning of a growth spurt. Either that, or the solids are making her really thirsty, because we’re up to 5 oz on every single bottle now. They don’t always get finished in one sitting, but we’ve gone from 25 oz/day total to about 30 oz/day plus some solids. The amazing eating machine is in full effect.

Stay tuned next week when we endeavor to complete the song by introducing Shoshanna to apples.

In other news, Shoshanna spent part of the afternoon at work with her Daddy today. She was apparently a big hit in his lab, and was well-behaved while he had his meetings. On Wednesday, we’ll see how she does with academic presentations, since I’m giving a talk in my department and she’ll be coming along to spectate and to meet all of the sociologists.

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3 Responses to "Halfway to a new song…"

“The amazing eating machine is in full effect.”

whooohooo! hooray for shoshanna. such a catchy tune 🙂

I like to oot oot oot oooples and banooonooos! 😀

Wow! Solids! Yay for her!

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