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Shoshanna’s (second) First Big Adventure!

Posted on: April 24, 2005

If we don’t count the day in February that Shoshanna spent hiding out in a small room at our local SCA event, yesterday was her first big outing – we went to our friends Lisa and Troy’s house for Seder. We were away from home for close to twelve hours, and Shoshanna did GREAT the whole time. We were a little concerned because she’d had a rather grumpy morning, but she napped all the way there (and for probably an hour after we arrived…), and from that time on was cheerful, charming, and of course disgustingly cute. She ate all of her cereal, got her head sniffed by the cats, and was immensely well-behaved through the ceremony – we had her in her carseat next to me, and she played with her bugs and her links and talked to herself and never fussed once. She stayed awake late because, well, there were people to look at!

And the best part. She didn’t wake up until 8:30 this morning. Bliss!


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[…] she’s always been at a pretty good place developmentally when Passover rolls around… the first year, she was almost 7 months old / 3 1/2 months adjusted and sat quite happily (and, ultimately, […]

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