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Leaps and Bounds

Posted on: April 14, 2005

I think one of the most fascinating things about babies is watching them learn things… Shoshanna seems to learn things really suddenly. Three days ago, she would hold onto an object placed in her hand, but wouldn’t reliably do anything with it. Yesterday, she was consistently grabbing the rings we have hanging on her bouncy seat’s toybar and waving them around. It’s not much of a reach, but she has started actively grabbing them.

She’s also made a giant leap forward in the thumb-sucking department. Normally we give her a pacifier at bedtime, but when I put her to bed last night, she had her thumb very firmly in her mouth, so I didn’t bother with the binky. She went to sleep in the same amount of time that she does with the pacifier, and we could hear her sucking on SOMETHING most of the time – I didn’t go up to look at her, so I don’t know if it was her thumb, her fist, or her sleeve. But I’m very much in favor of her being able to self-quiet in that way.

Another great, sudden improvement: tummy time is no longer torture. Shoshanna went from hating it because she was stuck basically looking at the blanket we put her on to not objecting too much (as long as we put her on her tummy when she’s in the right mood…). The reason: she can now consistently raise her head to 90 degrees, so she can see what she’s used to seeing, only from a slightly different perspective. This, too, happened seemingly overnight.

We’re also once again (as of today) experimenting with napping in her crib (at least in the morning) rather than downstairs where we are (in her bouncy chair or swing). She fell asleep almost immediately; we’ll see how long she stays asleep and if this affects her night sleeping; last time we tried this experiment (a couple of months ago), she’d nap in her crib but wouldn’t sleep well at night. But she wasn’t even sleeping through the night at that time; a lot’s changed since then.

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1 Response to "Leaps and Bounds"

Babies are so cool. I was just discussing the quick pace of development with a co-worker, who has a daughter who just turned 2. Every time the kid comes to the office (maybe once a week or so), it’s like she’s a new person. She’s picking up new words and phrases at an unbelievably quick rate. It’s great!

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