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PT, GI, etc.

Posted on: April 8, 2005

Two appointments this week… On Wednesday, Nancy (the physical therapist from the Early Intervention program) came by to see how Shoshanna’s doing. The answer is very well. She’s just recently decided that she doesn’t loathe tummy time – I’m chalking this up to her ability to consistently raise her head to 90 degrees, which means she’s not stuck just looking at the blanket. Today she actually SMILED during tummy time – that never used to happen. Nancy showed us a couple of exercises to do with Shoshanna to keep her motor skills developing, but really we’re just to keep playing with her on the floor like we always do.Yesterday, we went to see the gastro-enterologist. He totally supported our decision to put Shoshanna back on the Prilosec, and said that we should try her off of it in another 2 months – he’s pretty confident that we’ll be done with it for good then. He, like Dr. O’Brien, said that we can start Shoshanna on solids whenever we want to – rice cereal first, then bananas and apples, then yellow veggies.

She weighed 12 pounds, 15.2 ounces yesterday.

In light of the impending grownup food, we’ve decided to get Shoshanna used to the existence of spoons by giving her one of her baby spoons to play with. This afternoon she threw one on the floor straight away, but the second one I gave her got waved around for a bit. She also actually took it from my hand, rather than me placing it in her hand like we usually have to do. She’s been grabbing fabric and hair in that way for quite a while, but this was one of the first times I’ve seen her grab a hard object. Other times she’s grabbed at Freddie the Firefly while playing in her activity gym. Actually, the other day she managed to grab the flat teething thingy on Freddie, which was the first time I’d seen her grab something she couldn’t wrap her little hand all the way around.

Shoshanna also really discovered her bug friends on her carseat yesterday. We were at Target and she woke up and was staring really intently at them. She did the same thing when we got back from our walk this afternoon, only she was trying to reach out to hit them today, which she can’t quite do – her arms are just a bit too short.

The other new toy is a brilliant plaything for a kid at Shoshanna’s developmental stage… It’s a chime ball frog… like an oversized Weeble, only a chime ball made to look like a frog! He came from Pottery Barn Kids, but I can’t find him on their website anywhere. Anyway, he’s a great toy for her because he’s big enough that she can reliably connect with him with her hands – and push him back and forth making him make pretty noises.


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Grammy is happy to know she likes the toys I buy her!

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