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The beginnings of normalcy?

Posted on: April 5, 2005

Since cold/flu/rsv season has been declared mostly over ’round these parts, we took Shoshanna to her first-ever SCA business meeting last night. There was much oohing and aahing over her, as most people hadn’t met her yet. There were many requests to hold her, which I politely declined, since my confidence in the over-ness of the respiratory illness season does not extend to her getting passed around an entire room of people.

Today and tomorrow the weather is supposed to be positively gorgeous, so I anticipate many lovely walks in our immediate future.

After the no-Prilosec experiment, we’ve gone to the complete other end of the spectrum – she’s actually at the right dose for her size. Until last week, we still had her on the appropriate dose for a 9-pound baby, now she’s on the right dose for a 12.4 pound baby (with a stop halfway in between for a couple of days). Dr. O’Brien’s point about her putting a lot more stress on her little tummy as she gets more mobile and spends more time sitting propped up is certainly true – we’ve noticed that she does tend to spit up more after she’s been sitting up or being really squirmy.

Shoshanna’s also becoming slightly mobile while lying on her back. I don’t know how much of it is intentional, but I will often put her to bed in the middle of the crib, only to find her way up against one side or the other the next time I look in on her.

Final observation (for this post): Last night, Shoshanna rejected the pacifier in favor of her own thumb. She’s getting MUCH better at putting her thumb (and just her thumb, not her whole fist) in her mouth, although she doesn’t quite have the hang of moving her hand at the same time that she moves her head yet.


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82 years ago my mother hung a (sort of) medallion around my neck. It said “Don’t kiss me” . . . saved a lot of verbal admonitions!! Don’t know if you could find something like this for sale, but maybe you can put injunctions on T-shirts!!! ( esta-from-Stillwater-long-ago)

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