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Six Months Old!

Posted on: March 27, 2005

In celebration of her six-month birthday on Friday, Shoshanna went to visit her doctor! She was rewarded with the following:

  • Prilosec – after discussing how she’d been doing since being off the meds with the doc, we decided to put her back on, and she has been a MUCH HAPPIER BABY as a result.
  • Hugeness – she weighed in at 12 pounds, 6.4 ounces. That’s 75th percentile for an 11-week-old, and just shy of 3rd percentile for a 6-month-old (I think that the edge of the dot on her chart actually nicked the line for 3rd percentile, that’s how close it was). She was 22 3/4″ long, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50th percentile for an 11-week-old. Dr. O declared that next month she’ll stop charting Shoshanna’s adjusted age – so we’re going to go from having a huge baby to having a tiny one, but she’ll also magically get three months older, so it’s a trade-off. :^D
  • Two shots – and no blood drawn. She got her second dose of HepB and a DPT. Next month she’ll be completely caught up on her vaccines! (Things got a little wonky because the hospital couldn’t get HiB at all, and got Prevnar in shortly before she was discharged, so she was a little behind schedule for those.)
  • Her parents laughed at – we said, “OK, we have a list of questions…” and Dr. O mocked us, because apparently parents of full-term infants who’ve had nothing extraordinary happen to them come in with these laundry lists of questions, whereas we wanted to know if we should worry about taking her to visit friends and family who have cats, and what we should worry about when we take her on airplanes (initially, we thought we might be traveling before cold/flu/rsv season were properly over, so the question made much more sense then), and what (if anything) to do about the funny patch of skin on her cheek. In response to the last question, Dr. O asked if we were putting any moisturizer on her skin. We of course said no (because we’re not), and she was a little incredulous – apparently most babies need moisturizer? Shoshanna’s never had dry skin (since she got out of the hospital – she sometimes did when she was in the NICU), so we’ve never put anything on it. Anyway, the thing to do with the funny patch of skin is to watch it and put a little bit of moisturizer on it.
  • Permission to have solid food whenever we feel she’s ready. Which we don’t think she is. I want to give her ’til at least 4 1/2 months adjusted before we try that nonsense. But she’s showing many of the signs of being ready – she can be propped in a sitting position, and has been watching us eat with interest. We have scoped out high chairs a little bit, since she really has a strong preference for being able to see us when we’re at the table, and she could do that better from a high chair than she can from her bouncy seat on the floor.

The weather’s been absolutely gorgeous here, so we’ve been going out for walks every day, and yesterday Anne came by to meet Shoshanna (and was rewarded with a baby who slept for most of the visit…). Today we might be piling all of us into the car to go walk someplace new and different – our neighborhood is getting to be a bit old and boring. We’d love to go walking on the Norwottuck Rail Trail, but it’s shaded enough that there’s still a fair bit of snow on it… Soon, hopefully, it will be melted enough that we can go walking there.

Shoshanna’s also really learning to use her hands to manipulate things – particularly, her pacifier. It’s really funny – the paci will fall out of her mouth, and she’ll use one or both fists to push it back in. The problem is, often in falling out, it’ll have rotated a little bit (or even 180 degrees), so she’ll end up cramming the guard or even the handle in her mouth. Other times, she’ll get a grip on the handle and pull the paci out of her mouth, and the look around confusedly, wondering where it went.


2 Responses to "Six Months Old!"

Giant babies all around! Woohoo! My niece (4 months old, actually born on her due date) is 98th %ile weight, and off the charts in height.

Laura C.

OH my! Shoshanna is just like SUPERBABY!

Amazing progress, I am so proud and excited for you all!

Let’s not talk about Helene’s weight or eating habits… my advice is don’t rush the solids, let her decide and don’t push her. If she doesn’t need it for the calories, which Helene did, then let her enjoy her bottle/breast and maybe start trying your foods just to experience flavour.. Good luck, although it sounds like you don’t need it! 🙂

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