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See, sometimes life is just too mundane…

Posted on: March 23, 2005

I just don’t think that the whole world would think that our day-to-day life is that interesting. But actually, there are several things I can post about.

Thing the first:
Sans monitor, Shoshanna sleeps through the night. We give her a bottle when we go to bed (unless that’s really early, in which case we set an alarm for midnight and get up and feed her then), and she sleeps ’til 6 or 6:30 or so. The first couple of nights she was up at 4:30 and then 5:30 but we just kept giving her a pacifier until she got hungry enough to really let us know about it. But we’re binkying her later and later. Hooray! I’d love to be able to sleep later than 6, but hey. I’ll take 6 or so hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep.

Thing the second:
I never should have said that she doesn’t cry much. Over the past several days, she’s figured out that crying is a great way to get attention. It’s still novel enough to be cute. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Thing the third:
Massive picture update on the way. Gram took a lot of pictures while she was here, and I just got her CD today, so we’re getting there.

Thing the fourth:
Shoshanna’s gotten MUCH better at getting her hand to her mouth. Still doesn’t quite have the hang of extending her thumb to put that in her mouth, but she often seems fairly satisfied with a fist or a thumb knuckle to gum, so it’s all good.

Thing the fifth:
We’re about 32 hours into Shoshanna off of Prilosec, and we’re not sure how long it’s going to last. After her 5-channel study on Valentine’s Day, the GI doc told us that she had a normal number of reflux events in the 22ish hours that the probe was in place. However, we weren’t told that they wanted the study to be done off of meds, so she’d had meds 2 hours before the probe was placed. We took her off of the Reglan a week later, and were told to continue with the Prilosec for another month, and then the doctor would see her after she’d been off of all meds for 2 weeks. She seemed to do quite fine off of the Reglan, but she’s been growing like a weed, and thus outgrowing her Prilosec dosage (she was still on the appropriate dosage for a 9-pound baby). As she’s gotten bigger, she’s seemed to be refluxing more and more. And she’s definitely refluxing more today than she was even on the way-to-small dose of Prilosec. We’re going to try to give it at least until we see the pediatrician on Friday afternoon, but I don’t know that we’ll make it two weeks without calling the GI office and saying “Yeah, she wasn’t ready to be off the meds. We’re putting her back on.” *shrug* I can deal with her being on vitamins and one med.


1 Response to "See, sometimes life is just too mundane…"

It is so funny to read this blog because usually Savannah is going through the exact same thing at the same time. Isn’t that funny? Savannah ALSO just got off of her reglan and is now on prilosec. She also has been doing the hand-to-mouth thing a lot lately but hasn’t quite got the motor skills for it, she frequently tries to guide the ole hand to the mouth only to accidently smack herself in the face. Then she looks at me in shock as if I somehow caused it. It is too funny; but she doesn’t seem to appreciate the laughter and always cries after this unknown assailant does this.

Also, we THINK Savannah is on the verge of giggling, but aren’t sure. She smiles a lot and grunts at the same time (which we tell everyone is laughter but if we’re honest is not really). Is Shoshanna giggling? That would reassure us!

Good to hear Shoshanna is doing so well! We’re jealous about the sleeping, we have to feed Savannah without fail at 4:30.



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